Why We Exist


The name “SeeWhatYouSaid” serves as our commitment. We are here to help pastors and Christian leaders “see” the very things that God has spoken into their lives— their vision, purpose, and mission—by harnessing the power of technology, creativity, personalization,  and vision. Our integrated approach bridges the gap between faith and modernity, empowering ministries to advance in their desire to expand the Kingdom.

The Bible shows us many and varied examples that every life is a plan of God.

How We Started

SeeWhatYouSaid. was created to assist Christian leaders to see the things that God told them they should teach, preach, or organize come to pass for the benefit of others.

It was during her time in ministry that she gained an appreciation and understanding of what it means to increase the awareness of the gospel without compromising God’s Word.


Terry Webb, the company’s owner and CEO, is a skilled storyteller and experienced marketing strategist who enjoys assisting others in focusing on and realizing the dream or vision they believe they were born to birth.

After working as a marketing professional in higher education and broadcast radio, Terry spent 14 years as the Executive Director and Chief Communications Officer of a large international ministry.

As a Christian voice specializing in marketing, advertising, and public relations, she recognizes that the Bible’s rich, vivid stories and messages speak for themselves. Her goal is to simply help communicate vision and develop credible and innovative ways for those messages to reach the masses in order to save and transform lives, impact others, and make disciples of all nations, as Jesus commanded.


SeeWhatYouSaid. has a dedicated team of marketing and PR professionals ready to serve you from day one. 

With over 25 years of combined Christian ministry experience, our creative leaders develop customized solutions to fit the goals and objectives of your ministry or organization.

We are committed to flourishing in our assignment so that you can excel in yours!